Biostatistics Online Course for Credit


At Online Education Consultancy, we give exclusive attention, in biostatistics consulting, to the analysis of biological data because of the involved-complexities and required-precision with biological data. That is why we deal with them separately from the rest of the statistical services.

Biostatistics online course for credit transfer

In accordance with the focused attention of experts towards medical research, in the public health sector, in epidemiological practices, and in meta-analytic analysis, both our researchers and market have demanded us to introduce specified services for biostatistics online courses for credit hour transfer.

As a biostatistical consulting firm, we combine this expertise with our intimate understanding of the practicing norms of medical and clinical research, epidemiology, and public health research to ensure that appropriate statistical tests and predictive techniques are used when you apply for biostatistics online course for credit hour transfer.

Due to clean and absolute results, we do not go along with assumptions but try to generate results as significant as possible. While drawing samples we remain at milli (and in some cases up to micro) levels to avoid any kind of ambiguity in the results.

Key faculty members of our biostatistics online course for credit hour transfer program have background and training not only in quantitative methods, but also in life sciences, public health, and epidemiology and unlike other statistical consulting firms, we work with experienced and highly-education experts across science, engineering, and social science fields to ensure our quantitative work is collaborative.

You do not require to translate the terminologies of your clinical research, meta-analysis, or epidemiological research into common language for us. We are quite familiar with standardized practices and the appropriate use of language to address your biostatistics online course for credit transfer needs competently and expeditiously.

Unlike other resources that offer biostatistics online course for credit hour transfer, we have experienced and qualified professionals who are aware of all the ins and outs of the biostatistics, medical, clinical research, epidemiological, and public health research literatures.

Our statistical analysis consulting firm includes former academic journal editors, having a great experience in conducting such kind of biostatistical analysis, and are very well aware of how a rational justification could be made using biostatistical methods at a scholarly level.

Being a statistical analysis consulting firm signifies that we not only perform any standard analysis and plot using your clinical data, but also provide suggestions when your data exhibits peculiarities that may require either additional analyses or post-estimation diagnostics, and even alternate methods.

While many of our biostatistics clients come to us with some level of familiarity with statistical analysis, still our statistical analysis consulting firm draws extensive experience to review and refine study designs so that enough data (and the right kind of data) is collected for clear and rigorous results.

The researchers at ONLINE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY belong to different educational levels and backgrounds. Keeping your specific requirements and the kind of output you want to present we will assign a dedicated expert, who will supervise your project. Because of our extensive work with clinicians, PhDs, MDs, public health academics, and epidemiologists, we match you with the right team of academics and methodologists to perform the most rigorous analysis that your data will allow.

Provision of biostatistical services, at ONLINE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY, is not restricted to academic work only but offers customized solutions to different kinds of organizations in various capacities. We provide a customized consulting and analysis service to; hospitals, government agencies, academic and research institutions, private corporations, and individual investigators.

We continuously study the latest trends and industrial enhancement to march ahead. We constantly revise our implemented practices with technological improvement. Our statistical consulting expertise is personalized to customers’ present needs, development in the research, and biostatistics online course for credit hour transfer.

Since we know the importance of ensuring a sound research design at the start of the process to ensure robust analyses and findings, most of the time it is our statistical analysis consulting firm that is the flag-barrier of introducing fresh trends and updated technologies.

In the early stages of development, the services of our statistical analysis consulting firm include the following:

  • Grant research, writing, and editing (including literature search)
  • IRB submission
  • Protocol review
  • Methodology review and design
  • Statistical sampling and validation
  • Questionnaire/interview protocol development and expert review
  • Feasibility analysis

Once you are done with your biostatistics online course for credit hour transfer, we do not want to lose you there. Instead, we surely would like to be with you till the project is over.