Gaming Analysis (Statistical Services)

With the advent of the nation-state concept, the world -we live in- has recognized radical changes. These changes not only influence our way of living but also do modify our perception of this life. For instance; how sports events are planned and organized today is a totally strange phenomenon to the known history of humankind.

Today, the casino gaming industry is one of the industries largely depends upon robust statistical testing and predictive analyses. Our consultants can assist in developing algorithms for predicting the probability of given chances. This service is offered by various analytical experts, but our statistical consulting team has a specific advantage: 

Successful backgrounds in poker and other forms of advantage wagering, personally and professionally. Over the past many years, we have a long and successful experience working with casinos, developers, investors, and other gaming clients and providing them with the most lucrative possible outcomes.

With the modernity, the rules of games have also been changed. Now the owners do not have that much control over the game. The leadership authority has now been transferred to the rules, and the good news is you are capable enough to master the rules. 

The indulgence of online media in the gaming industry has also superimposed the demand for fairness. As a result of which, casinos and gaming sites face a more saturated marketplace than ever before, and competitive advantage and market share are in large part determined by the branding and entertainment value that attracts new players and keeps established clients playing.

This focus on player experience and expectation adds yet another dimension to the statistical analysis and predictive modeling required to increase gaming revenue and market share.

Our consultant will let you understand the true dimension of the gaming experience. This qualification will most likely amplify your engagement in the game, and allow you to comprehend the systematic scheme behind every move – in addition to performing more conventional house edge analyses. 

When you avail of this game statistics and analytics service, you will be connected to an applied statistician who understands games and the gaming industry and will let you learn till you master the key skills necessary to grasp the game’s philosophy.

Those of you who are specifically interested in those games that are being played in casinos have an opportunity to learn it from experienced casino players. Although, there is no specific curriculum designed for gaming analytics and gaming statistical support, however, our consultants usually begin with describing range from analyzing new games for different pay-tables to analyzing table takes concerning market take rates and other benchmarks, to comprehensive support for developers of table games, card games, video poker machines, slot machines, and casino games.

Our consultants’ experience with gaming and with the gaming industry across multiple levels – from the big casinos to the smallest software developers – makes us ideally suited to optimize gaming revenues regardless of your project size and scope.

The sub-services related to gaming statistics and analytics include:

  • House Edge Estimation
  • Game Structure & Payout Optimization
  • Player Enjoyment Analysis

House Edge Estimation: Those of you who are already into gaming know very well, casinos are there with one clear business strategy in mind, that is to extract money from your pocket to their account. Cut all discussion out, this is the established reality. Keeping this fact in mind our gurus will bless you with the tips that shape your pro-gamer attitude.

Calculating the amount, a casino can expect to earn from your game is anything but straightforward. Most companies approach this analysis through conventional odds calculations, but these methods are ill-suited to account for the player decisions that can impact outcomes in most new casino games.

Different playing styles, as well as different games with relatively complex rules, cannot be modeled solely on probability theory. Our team can calculate directly and accurately your house edge, and a confidence interval around it, for your game or side-bet, performing Monte Carlo simulations or whatever analyses are best suited for your project, before evaluating the impact of changing game rules and alternate expected player behaviors on the house edge.

Game Structure & Payout Optimization: Based on your proposed game’s current configuration, our statisticians can assess whether the house edge is appropriate. Slot machines and table games both have a range of what casinos consider to be an appropriate house edge.

If the edge is too high, the players won’t win enough to continue playing. If the edge is too low, it may not be worth the casino’s resources. We help you think through each gameplay and payout structure decision and determine how rule changes affect the house edge—and our uniquely collaborative approach allows you to have direct insight and involvement in the optimization process.

Player Enjoyment Analysis: Though the house edge is the most commonly used calculation to evaluate the viability of new games, it’s equally important to ensure that players can “go on a run.” This well-known term is a simple way of communicating a given game’s standard deviation, measured in the hourly earnings a player can win or lose.

While there is a relationship between the house edge and a player’s standard deviation (the higher the edge, the lower the variance of a given game), changes in rules and payout structures can disproportionately affect these two measures. As a result, we offer statistical consulting for our clients to recommend the optimal trade-off between the house edge and player standard deviation, to make a proposed game as enjoyable as possible.

Learn Gaming Analysis at Your Ease

Our experts do provide designed courses for beginners but if someone, who has a handful of experience in casino gaming, would like to learn indigenous advanced gaming statistics can have access to specialized one-on-one sessions at which they can raise any query and find solutions to their related concerns.