how to evaluate a program effectiveness

How to Evaluate a Program Effectiveness

Although Online Education Consultancy was established with the aim of providing program evaluation in education guidance to individuals and organizations, who need to know how to evaluate program effectiveness in any capacity. However, our program evaluation service was among one of those of our services that got more popular among businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations and so we had also developed certain expertise -by hiring industrial experts- to meet the rising demand of any program demand and defines how to evaluate program effectiveness for that particular program.

Under Program Evaluation Support, we answer how to evaluate program effectiveness and offer expertise to help you evaluate your government, non-profit, institutional, or organizational program for process, performance, and impact.

Whether you want to determine how best to measure outputs and outcomes, or if you need to identify the reasons for current levels of performance or determine how to evaluate a program effectiveness impact, our team can design your evaluation to pinpoint what will best help your program or organization to exceed all expectations.

Factors Identifying How to Evaluate A Program Effectiveness

In the educational industry we assist in determining, developing, and implementing those factors that can influence how to evaluate program effectiveness and evaluation process without having substantial likelihood. We have helped conducted program evaluation research in the studies of terrorism surveillance, smart vehicles, materials sciences, medical sciences, engineering, and optics.

We have developed introduced and reinforced those factors, which had never been considered to enhance the program evaluation research process. Instead of identifying generic variables, we dive deep in the case-study and assign only those variables that are important to study with respect to circumstantial evidence. This makes the evaluation process; faster, cheaper, doable, manageable, and implementable.

Except for program evaluation in education, our experts have also carried-out some outstanding findings for non-profit and government corporations implementing projects and programs aimed at addressing how to evaluate program effectiveness issues including homelessness, addiction, hunger, human trafficking, and mental illness. We’ve also assisted in the design and implementation of program and portfolio evaluations for industry or government.

At Online Education Consultancy, we have categorized our Program Evaluation Support in the following sub-heads;

  1. Logic modeling
  2. Program evaluation plan
  3. Evaluation and program planning
  4. Student mentoring
  5. Evaluation analytics
  6. Program evaluation research centers and team science evaluation

Note: Even each of them is interrelated still you may also avail anyone of them, that can further be customized, to meet your specific needs.

Logic Modeling

As the name defines, it deals with the formation of finding the fundamental rationale behind your apparent issue and attempts to answer how to evaluate program effectiveness. Once we dig till the root, the rest of the path appears so obvious. We will pair you with one of our logic model consultants to develop a thorough understanding of the inputs, processes, outputs, shorter-run outcomes, and longer-run impacts for your project, program, or organization.

We go beyond a simplistic “if-then” rationale for developing logic models, as these statements and their underlying assumptions typically don’t stand up to empirical scrutiny. As stated, we dig deep into the relevant academic, empirical literature, examining in particular past evaluations similar to what you want to design and implement.

Our evaluation consultants will then develop an evidence-based logic model for your project, program, or organization.

Program Evaluation Plan

Once the root cause is sorted, you need to identify the method or process that you will be adapting to counter the issue you are dealing with. Asking relevant questions can be a beneficial kick-start in such conditions:

  • Is your project, program, portfolio, or organization ready for evaluation?
  • Does your organization know how to evaluate program effectiveness?
  • If so, should you evaluate processes and outputs, outcomes and impacts, or some combination thereof?
  • Is there enough participant and stakeholder willingness to ensure that the required allocation of finances, time, energy, and other resources will occur to ensure a valid evaluation of your project, program, portfolio, or organization?

Experts at Online Education Consultancy can help you assess the extent to which your project, program, or organization is prepared for the investment of resources it takes to design and implement a formative or summative evaluation. We can assist you with an environmental scan of stakeholders, as well as with a systematic investigation of the extant and new data sources that will be required for your evaluation.

Evaluation and Program Planning

Next to the program evaluation plan comes evaluation and program planning, in which experts with diverse backgrounds sit together and brainstorm to design an evaluation process so that every step complements the step ahead.  Our evaluation and program planning consultants can design your program evaluation plan to address the questions that matter most to your project’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether you’re focused on a systematic investigation of processes and implementation, or on the quantitative modeling of outcomes and socioeconomic impacts, we will ensure your evaluation design meets the criteria and expectations of internal and external stakeholders alike. For summative or outcome evaluations, Online Education Consultancy will design a unique evaluation for your project, which isolates and identifies the extent of impact for improvements in unit performance—as well as for longer-run social and economic impacts.

The process that identifies how to evaluate program effectiveness is designed and proposed by our experts is usually for immediate application. If it’s still too early to evaluate your project, program, or organization for outcomes and impacts, our consultants can design a formative or process evaluation study to diagnose any operational factors that may in time hinder effectiveness, efficiency, and ultimate survival.

Program Evaluation Analytics

Analytics -could also be referred to as the backbone of the whole evaluation process. We have developed an evaluation strategy formulated by experienced professionals. Experts over 100+ specializations related to various backgrounds are in association with Online Education Consultancy to offer their specialized supervision.

Our evaluation and program planning team will reveal the underlying relationships and structure of your quantitative data and qualitative content, respectively, to construct a program evaluation plan regarding your project, program, or organization. In terms of your quantitative outcome and impact data analysis, we know how to properly structure, code, and analyze your dataset for your outcome evaluation.

Our statisticians have extensive experience in how to evaluate program effectiveness and analysis for pretest-posttest, interrupted time series, and difference-in-differences evaluation designs, as well as for more advanced designs when the data allow—such as regression discontinuity analysis and even natural experiments. We know when to run what statistical test, and which multiple regression or analysis of variance technique to employ to ensure that your evaluation results are rigorous, replicable, and valid.

Let us help you get the most out of your outcome and impact data, so you can get the most out of your program or organization. For those seeking qualitative content analysis of your interviews, focus groups, and program documentation, we are experts at revealing the underlying structure of qualitative content for process evaluation.

Using your interview and focus group transcripts, program or organization documentation, public reviews of your non-profit, government agency, and the transcripts from your program participant and stakeholder interviews, our consultants will make sense out of the seemingly overwhelming amount of information you have at your disposal. Let us help you to identify how to evaluate program effectiveness so that you can keep doing what’s working, and change what’s not.

Student mentoring

Those students who would like to make their career in theoretical studies, like; International Relations, Economics, Sociology, Public Policy, etc. At Online Education Consultancy, we help students like them to co-design, their career pathways by making them learn how to evaluate program effectiveness.

At this program, with the help of experts, students co-create a self-evaluation process with the assigned consultant. These consultants include former program evaluation, policy modeling, and quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods professors to mentor you with these requirements.

  • Worried about your logic model? We have program evaluators with decades of experience who can help you to connect the dots for your focal program, policy, non-profit, or law. They can not only assist you in populating your inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes and impacts columns but also with informing your logic model with the assumptions that underlay the “if-then” connections.
  • Worried about identifying valid and reliable data? Our evaluation team has established expertise in developing new data and identifying and using extant data for public programs and policy evaluation and analysis.
  • Worried about selecting an appropriate non-equivalent comparison group? At Online Education Consultancy we can assist you in identifying what factors or variables matter (and which ones don’t) when it comes to identifying a valid comparison group.
  • We can also perform the corresponding analyses to ensure that the group you identify and collect data for is a good fit for your quasi-experimental program evaluation.

Program Evaluation Research Center and Team Science Evaluation

Our philosophy is that there is no one best way that detects how to evaluate program effectiveness. In other words, what works for one program evaluation research center may not work for yours, and what worked in the past for your team science program may not work moving forward.

Our evaluation team is focused on the strategic management and evaluation of academic and government research and development investments, including but not limited to collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-sector university program evaluation research centers. Our clients include both sponsors and performers of science and engineering research and development in the public interest. Our program evaluation research center evaluation services include the following:

  • Strategic consulting for grant proposals and active grants—implementation and evaluation strategies for multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary projects and programs.
  • Evaluation and program planning and implementation—formative and summative, using pre- and quasi-experimental designs and advanced quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques.
  • Decision tool development—informed decision-making when vetting proposals and evaluating the performance of research and development investments in the public interest.
  • Portfolio analysis—for academic units (e.g., colleges, academic programs, program evaluation research centers) and research sponsors (e.g., agencies, agency programs, multi-agency programs).
  • Program Evaluation Plan—real-time and ex post facto, to determine the need and potential for project and how to evaluate a program effectiveness and broader impacts assessment.