how to write introduction and background of the study

Help with how to write introduction and background of the study

A research paper is an important kind of academic writing based on the originality of ideas by the author, who tend to conduct research on a specific topic. The objective of the research is always accompanied by analysis together with interpretations of research findings. At the time, formulating a research paper is a bit frightening. Especially for the students, who have just entered the complex world of academia. They often feel concerned about the procedure because the research obligation is mostly allotted against a huge chunk of the final grade by a diligent scholar.

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Checklist for writing a research paper

Once you are done with drafting your initial manuscript, always go through an easy to comply checklist mentioned below:

  • Run a quick check for fundamental ingredients; page numbers, indentations, line-spacing, font uniformity, etc.
  • Make sure your reference list is formatted as decided formatting style
  • Properly formatted in-text citation for every piece of information from another source must also be included
  • Address every feedback from your research supervisor
  • The introductory chapter must offer an interesting opening, justifying with the theme of your topic, and this is important as it sets the tone for the rest of the article
  • All of the sub-arguments or claims should be briefly pointed out or outlined in the introduction
  • Always start your paragraphs with a relevant opening sentence
  • Every paragraph must not contain more than one unified idea. If found any; break it down into more
  • A smooth and fluent transition must be observed between consecutive paragraphs
  • The relationship between each paragraph and the thesis topic must always be visible
  • Every paragraph must have a length that is necessary to make justification with the topic. No paragraph should be unreasonable short or long
  • The conclusion of the paper must not contain any new argument, even if it complements your research. It should not repeat the information too. It just effectively summarizes the whole research.
  • Always revise your document carefully, while keeping in mind both global standards and your discipline-related fine details.

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