Strong statistical expertise is necessary to conduct effective sports analytics. Our professional sports analysts can deliver fruitful partnerships with many private individuals and start-up businesses with independent wagering models and fantasy sports tools.

We further provide statistical consulting and analysis services for wagering syndicates, fantasy sports providers, online sports books, broadcast networks, sports teams, and corporate who want to invest in the sports industry to market their goods or services.

Those projects that contain a virtual complexity, our experts utilize a combination of various techniques to carry-out advanced sports analytics. These techniques include; applied mathematics, game and decision theory, computer science, and economics. Recently we have introduced a fantasy football drafting tool that determines optimal player selection that couples with march madness bracket optimizer for a major sports news network.

At Online Education Consultancy, we usually offer our Sports analysis service in the four key areas:

  • Professional sports team’s management
  • Fantasy sports analytics
  • Sports wagering
  • Proposition betting

Professional Sports Team’s Management

At this service, we are usually approached by professional coaches and team managers to draft saber metric modeling for arbitration cases. We furnish analysis based upon the performances of the players, in the last seasons. These presented results are backed by numeric figures and factual analyses.

This sports data analysis assists the upper management to make difficult decisions (like hiring or firing of under-performing players), for which we operationalized the only accurate ranking system in the sport. That is how the big teams remain successful to hold the title in the long run.

Fantasy Sports Analytics

The inception of the internet has transformed the meaning of so many things. Sports are among one them. A fantasy sport is a type of game, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games.

Now all of these games are made operational by the assistance of any algorithm. Professionals from Online Education Consultancy can help you figure out the algorithm of fantasy sports of your choice.

Our team has developed player selection tools and tournament bracket optimizer for several established players in the industry, but we’ve also worked closely with owners of startup firms catering to fantasy sports players.

Given the pace at which methods of player evaluation are evolving, our clients depend on our expertise to remain at the current edge.

As the landscape for fantasy sports becomes increasingly competitive, providers require constant updates and improvements to their advanced analytics to draw players to their games. Remaining in front of the competition in terms of analytical complexity is key to attracting knowledgeable players who provide high revenue.

Sports Wagering

Depending upon the need of our clients we have developed wagering models using sports data analytics.

The utilization data science in sports has enabled us to focus on direct methods of wagering, such as for sports wagering syndicates, horse racing syndicates, and large individual sports speculators, who are unprofitable to casinos in the long-run, or players on a lucky streak whose bets the sports book should encourage.

We’ve also worked with various media partners on tournament selection strategies, and assisted multiple sports books in how to best determine the players of their need.

Proposition Betting

Experienced bettors always want to submerged their selves in specific wagers. Mostly, they bet with how many points a specific player is going to score or at which score the game ends.

At one point these kinds of bets are much riskier, at the same time these types of bets can be very profitable for sports books, they pose unique challenges in terms of setting odds.

We can offer this specialized support at the individual or syndicate level, our experts calculate the probability of different scenarios and let our customers know what could be the favorable scenarios to put their bet on.